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Shirts for Cats

Sphynx cats are unique and they also dress differently for winter and summer. Here you can choose from a variety of different summer shirts for cats!

Shirts for Cats

Sphynx cats are also called “hairless cats” because they have almost no hair on their bodies. Since a hairless cat has no hair, the sweat he emits in the hot summer cannot be absorbed. So many catkeepers choose to dress their Sphynx in the summer with breathable and cool shirts.

All cute cat shirt from YESWARMG is made by hand. Since the skin of Sphynx cats is very sensitive, we also pay great attention to the selection of fabrics. All t-shirts for Sphynx are made of pure cotton. Very breathable, stretchy, and hypoallergenic.

Why Choose
Shirts for Cats of YESWARMG?

Briefly summarize our three most prominent advantages.
Of course, we can offer more than these three! Be part of the YESWARMG family!

Fast Update

We update our t-shirts very quickly. Always keep up with trends of fashion!

Pure Cotton Fabric

All cute cat shirt for cats are made of pure cotton. This fabric will give you the best guarantee!


We price based on shirt production time and fabric quality. No blind pricing!

Shirts for Cats

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Video about Shirts for Cats

See How It Looks!

YESWARMG makes cute cat shirt according to the body proportions of hairless cats. If you have special size requirements, you can also contact us to customize the size.

Clients' Testimonials about Shirts for Cats

FAQ about Shirts for Cats

Choose YESWARMG! Our shirts for Sphynx are all handmade. We reject foundries! All t-shirts choose high-quality pure cotton hypoallergenic fabric, breathable and soft. And also we have hoodies for cats, sweaters for cats, and so on.

Clothes can be a nuisance for furry cats. However, if it’s because the temperature is really low, you can dress them in t-shirts in moderation. Second, for hairless cats, clothing may be the norm. T-shirts are made for their summer with breathable and soft fabrics.

Whether your cat likes to wear shirts or not depends on your cat’s personality. If he doesn’t like to wear it, don’t force him. You can prepare electric blankets, etc. to keep him warm.

If your pet struggles with the cone, you can choose to dress him in a t-shirt. Both to keep them comfortable and to protect the wound.

If you want to make a t-shirt for cat, just measure your cat’s measurements and cut the fabric to start making. If you are afraid that you can’t do it well, YESWARMG can actually accept size customization. Click here.

Customized your cat’s own shirt. Just provide the measurements and breed of your cat.

Absolutely safe! The fabrics of our t-shirts for Sphynx are pure cotton, hypoallergenic cotton, which will not cause damage to the cat’s skin. Secondly, our cat shirt for cat are not prone to shedding and are very resistant to licking.

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