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Yeswarmg, a professional sphynx fashion clothing store. Each set of Yeswarmg clothes is designed by Stephanie, a senior independent clothing designer. After countless pets try on feedback, the details of the products are constantly polished and improved, and finally the fine art works are born.

The picture comes from a friend on the Internet, the symptoms are very similar to the UMI at the time

(Picture cr Internet, Umi was also the case at the time)

“My cat almost can’t breathe in these pet clothes”, “Be careful of these clothes, they will cause blood flow”, “I can’t find a suitable one for little kitten”, all kinds of negative information about cat clothes are flooded in the forum. But for UMI who loves sun exposure, clothes are a necessity, otherwise the hot sun will damage its skin. On the recommendation of a friend, I bought a few highly acclaimed clothes online, but I didn’t expect this to be the beginning of a nightmare. Due to the ill-suitable clothes, Umi’s skin grew many terrible small rashes, right leg It was swollen into an elephant’s leg, and now, I still have lingering fears about the scene at that time.

At that time, finding A comfortable and beautiful cloth for UMI became a very urgent matter for me. Once in a while, I complained to my friend Stephanie about it, who has many years of experience in pet clothing design. She said that she would be very happy to design for UMI, Meanwhile , to help for more people who have the same troubles, we co-founded the Yeswarmg brand immediately.

Sphynx cat-tank top halter breathable,Feeling of fresh

Warm & skin-friendly

All clothes are baby-grade fabric, soft and skin-friendly, keep warm and breathable, protect the fragile skin of the sphinx.


Boldly challenge various styles, refuse to be defined, and bravely express your attitude. Fashion ICON is that simple

Create a Better Living Environment

1% of the sales will be used to purchase stray cat huts and provide them with shelter from the wind and rain

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