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On this page, we will answer any questions you have about hoodies for cats. Also, you can get some awesome hoodies for your cat!

Hoodies for Cats

Some catkeepers choose hoodies between sweaters and hoodies. You may wonder why. We all know that cats have sharp claws, and cats love to run around. If you put them in a sweater, their claws could catch the sweater and cause them to fall. The material of the hoodies for SphynxΒ will not hook lines and pilling, etc. Great for playful cats.

All the hoodies for the Sphynx cat of YESWARMG are divided into two types according to the thickness of the fabric. A thin hoodie can be worn as a t-shirt, and a thick hoodie can be worn as a winter coat. The fabrics are selected by ourselves and are very healthy.


Why Choose Hoodies for Cats of YESWARMG?

Briefly summarize our three most prominent advantages. Of course, we can offer more than these three! Be part of the YESWARMG family!

Inspirational Ideas

Our designers take inspiration from other trending brands. Like NIKE, ESSENTIALS, etc

Only for Cat

We are a brand focused on cat fashion. All made by hand. With great fabric.

After-Sales Service

As long as you encounter problems, we will give you the most satisfactory solution!


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Video about Hoodies for Cats

Designer ESSENTIALS Hoodie

This designer hoodie for cat is a reference to the design concept of Fear of God. We introduce trendy brands into the animal kingdom. Make your cat trendier!


Clients' Testimonials about Hoodies for Cats

Do not know what to say! So cute! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Paul Koska

The fabric of the hoodie is great! The letters on the back are cute. Of course, my favorite part is the button design on the hood of the hoodie. If you don't like wearing a hat, it can be fixed well!

Korachiu Gary

Olive is very fat. Originally I wasn't sure which size should I buy. After contacting customer service, I ordered the largest size. After getting the package, I tried it on. Fits really well! I like it very much!

Doha Neon

    FAQ about Hoodies for Cats

    Choose YESWARMG! Our hoodies for Sphynx are all handmade. We reject foundries! All hoodies choose high-quality pure cotton hypoallergenic fabric, breathable and soft. And also we have sweaters for cats, shirts for cats, and so on.

    If the temperature in your city is low, it’s a good idea to put a hoodie on your cat. If your cat doesn’t like to wear clothes, you can prepare blankets for them, etc. It is best to dress them in clothes, such as sweaters, T-shirts, etc.

    Yes. YESWARMG’s hoodies are made of high-quality fabrics. There is absolutely no need to worry about your cat being allergic. Secondly, YESWARMG’s hoodies have a lot of styles for you to choose from.

    If your home is not very cold, your cat can stay indoors without wearing a hoodie. If the temperature is low, you can keep them warm by wearing a hoodie or turning on the air conditioner, etc.

    Hoodies in our store are made of high quality fabrics and are purely handcrafted. You can rest assured of the safety of the fabric. Our hoodies for Sphynx cat are available in thin and thick, you can place an order according to your needs.

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