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Sweaters for Cats

Here you can find the perfect fit sweater for your cat! All sweaters for cats are handmade. The quality of the fabrics has passed, you can rest assured!

Sweaters for Cats

We make sweaters exclusively for Sphynx cats, and we can accommodate all your reasonable needs. What’s more, most of our cat sweaters are available in custom sizes (if there is a “customizable” option in the size options).

Our cat sweaters are all handmade. The fabrics of the sweaters are all high-quality and healthy fabrics. We know that Sphynx cats have sensitive skin, and we are more careful in the choice of fabrics.

Why Choose
Sweaters for Cats of YESWARMG?

Briefly summarize our three most prominent advantages.
Of course, we can offer more than these three! Be part of the YESWARMG family!

Rich Styles

Our designers have incorporated various elements of the fashion world into sweaters for cats.

Hand Made

All sweaters are made by pattern making. High-quality fabrics give you the best guarantee!

After-Sales Service

As long as you encounter problems, we will give you the most satisfactory solution!

Sweaters for Cats

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Video about Sweaters for Cats

See How It Looks!

All sweaters for cats are handmade. And the fabric is high quality, soft and stretchy. The pattern details are beautiful. Above all, best everywhere!

Clients' Testimonials about Sweaters for Cats

FAQ about Sweaters for Cats

If your cat has fur and the temperature in your area is not that cool, then you can leave your cat with a sweater. Instead, it’s best to prepare a warm sweater for your cat. However, for the particular Sphynx hairless cat, the sweater is a must-have for cat families. Maybe at home, you turn on the hot air conditioner or floor heating. If you are taking your hairless cat outside and the weather is not warm, it is best to put a sweater on your cat to keep warm. Because, we all know that colds can be a hassle for hairless babies.

This question needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation. For example, if your cat has enough fur to keep him warm, a sweater is not necessary for him. However, if your cat is a hairless cat and as you say he is old, it is best to give him the warmest sweater. So, you should know best how your cat’s body is.

If you’re taking pictures of your cat, it’s not cruel. But, if your cat doesn’t like to wear clothes, just take off the sweater right after you take the photo. And, it’s not cruel if your cat needs to wear a sweater for biological reasons.

This maybe because they are not used to wearing sweaters yet. If your cat has to wear a sweater because he’s prone to illness, it’s best to get him a sweater that’s the right size and comfortable fabric.

If your cat has fur, don’t give them a sweater. Just give them additional warmth, such as a warm cat bed, etc. However, if your cat is hairless, a sweater is a must for them in the winter. If your cat really doesn’t like to wear sweaters, you can prepare something like an electric blanket to keep you warm.

Every cat has a different personality. For example, if your cat must wear a sweater, you’d better choose a sweater of the right size and quality fabric.

These cats often need to wear sweaters to help retain body heat. Therefore, choose a sweater that will keep your cat at a comfortable temperature and is not restricting, but not so loose that your cat will become tangled and panicked.

It is best to choose a breathable, hypoallergenic cotton fabric. For example, the best choice for hand-knitted sweaters for cats is milk cotton and hypoallergenic cotton.

Choose YESWARMG! Our sweaters are all handmade. We reject foundries! In conclusion, all sweaters choose high-quality pure cotton hypoallergenic fabric, breathable and soft. And also we have hoodies for cats, shirts for cats, and so on.

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