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What is a Sphynx?

What is a Sphynx?

A Sphynx cat is a completely different cat than any other cat. They are cheerful, lively, and cute. They are curious about everything and will bring you so much joy! However, Sphynx cats require very special care. But these thoughts you spend will not be wasted, they will bring you a lot of surprises! So, what is a Sphynx?

What is a Sphynx?
What is a Sphynx?

Where Do Hairless Cats Come from?

Speaking of Sphynx, more people will think of Sphinx in Egypt. But the origin of the Sphynx cat has nothing to do with Egypt. Their story actually originated in Canada in 1966, when the first hairless cat was born in Toronto, Canada due to a naturally recessive gene mutation. In the beginning, the gene appeared unstable. The CFA considers the fertility of cats of this breed to be unstable. Next, after continuous breeding, today’s hairless cat is a very genetically stable breed. At first, this cat was not called Sphynx. In 1966, the cats were originally called “Moonstones” and “Canadian Hairless”. In the end, though, the name “Sphynx” was chosen.

Where Do Hairless Cats Come from?
Where Do Hairless Cats Come from?

A Couple of Points You’ll Love about Sphynx Cats.

A Couple of Points You'll Love about Sphynx Cats.
A Couple of Points You’ll Love about Sphynx Cats.
  • If you think you’re allergic to cat hair, or you don’t want cat hair all over your furniture, hairless cats are great cats to breed. Hairless cats have almost no fur on their bodies, so you don’t have to worry about your furniture being full of cat hair. Regarding what you think you are allergic to cat hair, YESWARMG has a blog dedicated to “Are Hairless Cats Hypoallergenic?” you can learn from.
  • They are one of the more dog-like cat breeds and often greet their owners at the door and are friendly when meeting strangers.
  • Hairless cats require special care. Raising a hairless cat will make you feel like you are taking care of your own child. Remember, hairless are indoor pets. Because they have no fur, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin problems. If you want to take them out for a walk, you can dress them. This protects the skin well.

How to Care for A Sphynx Cat?

How to Care for A Sphynx Cat?
How to Care for A Sphynx Cat?
  • They need to be bathed regularly. Hairless cats are oily because they don’t have hair to absorb the oils secreted on the skin’s surface. But remember not to wash often, the skin surface still needs a certain amount of oil to balance the skin’s oil. You can learn “How to bathe a Sphynx kitten” here.
  • Clean your ears regularly. Hairless cats produce more oil in their ears. Their ears need regular care, and if they are not cleaned regularly, the secretions will build up and become serious. Ask your veterinarian about what cleaning solution to use.
  • Sphynx cats need clothing. Hairless cats have little to no fur, and they are prone to getting sick during the colder months. It’s best to give them what to wear every season, find Sphynx cat clothes here. If your cat doesn’t like to wear clothes, prepare a blanket or electric blanket. Just keep them warm.

In Conclusion

The hairless cat is a very unique cat breed. They were bred for people with cat hair allergies. They only have a little fluff, so they’re not completely allergenic. Learn more about “Are Hairless Cats Hypoallergenic?“.

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