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Best Cat Tree 2024 – Tested & Reviewed

Cat trees are indispensable in a cat’s life. Not only do they provide a comfortable place to relax and nap, but they also provide an outlet for natural behaviors like scratching and climbing. We recommend purrfectum cat tree. Its high-quality material selection and responsible after-sales team will give you a comfortable shopping experience.

However, many cat owners don’t know how to choose the most suitable cat tree for their cats because there are so many types and styles. Choosing the right product requires thoughtful consideration of a variety of factors. Here, we’ll provide you with a few of the most prominent cat trees and the basic aspects to consider when purchasing a cat tree to ensure that both you and your cat are happy with your choice.

Our Top Picks

Best Cat Tree - Tested & Reviewed - Light Brown 72in Large Carpet Cat Tree


    • High height.
    • Short plush is easy to clean.
    • Variety of features and interactive elements.


    • Not a solid wood frame.
    • Assembly required.

If you want to choose a cat tree with many interactive elements, consider this 72-inch Large Carpet Cat Tree. This large carpet cat tree has all the interactive elements that will appeal to your cat, such as tunnel, condo, dangling toy, hammock, perches, and multiple jumping platforms.

The surface of this cat tree is covered in artificial short plush. Choosing short plush makes it easier to clean. You only need to use a tool like a lint roller to easily remove the cat hair on the plush.

The 10 scratching posts are wrapped in sisal, providing a perfect place for your cats to scratch. The base of the cat tree has a slide covered with sisal fabric, which also serves as a scratching area for the cats.

Other interactive elements include tunnel and hammock, which any cat who has used will find it hard to resist. There is also a suspended toy on the top that allows cats to use their imagination.


  • List price: $399.99
  • Dimensions: 20.8*20.8*72in
  • Material: Cardboard, Sisal rope, E1 grade particle board, Short velvet, Sisal fabric
  • Features: 1*tunnel, 1*hammock, 1*condo, 1*perch, 4*platforms, 10*scratching posts
  • Assembly required: Yes
Best Cat Tree - Tested & Reviewed - Moonlight Cat Tree


    • Available in four different sizes.
    • The colors are rich, with purple as the main color.
    • Rich features and interactive elements.


    • Complicated assembly.
    • No large platforms for large cats.

If you have budget constraints, you can choose this moonlight cat tree. Don’t think that its design is boring just because it’s cheap. It also includes various interactive elements such as jumping platforms, hammocks, condo, perches, and interactive toys.

This is also a carpet cat tree, but the difference from the previous one is that the carpet it uses is composite cashmere. The choice of composite cashmere makes the overall cat tree look softer. In addition, this cat tree is available in six sizes (height: 30in, 42in, 50in, 55in, 59in, 64in). And the styles of the six sizes are all different.


  • List price: $119.99-$199.99
  • Dimensions: 18.9*11*30in /18.5*15.7*42in / 23.6*18.9*50in / 23.6*18.9*55in / 23.6*18.9*59in / 23.6*18.9*64in
  • Material: Cardboard, Sisal rope, Composite cashmere, E1 grade board
  • Features: 1*tunnel, 2*hammock, 1*condo, 1*perch, 4*platforms, 2*scratching posts
  • Assembly required: Yes

Best for Multiple Cats: Huge 77in Cat Tree for Multiple Cats

Best Cat Tree - Tested & Reviewed - Huge 77in Cat Tree for Multiple Cats


    • Solid pinewood.
    • Strong load-bearing capacity.
    • Two large wooden condos.


    • Expensive.
    • Lack of interactive elements.
    • Covers a large area.

If you have both a generous budget and enough space, this large solid wood cat tree will not disappoint you. The overall frame of the cat tree is pine wood from Chile, making the cat tree stronger and more stable. In addition, all the posts are thickened grabbing posts, and the material used is paper rope.

The layout of multi-level jumping platforms on the left and right sides can give cats more flexible jumping. And there are three large platforms in the middle to accommodate large cats. There are two huge wooden condos at the top.


  • List price: $1399-$1455
  • Dimensions: 43.3*23.6*76.7in
  • Material: Cardboard, Paper rope, Pinewood
  • Features: 2*condos, 7*platforms, 24*scratching posts, 2*space capsules
  • Assembly required: Yes

Best for Large Cats: Carpet Cat Condo for Large Cats

Best Cat Tree - Tested & Reviewed - Grey Carpet Cat Condo


    • Large platform & Large perch & Large condo.
    • Removable perch cover.
    • An interactive cotton rope toy.
    • Gray is stain-resistant.


    • Made of particle board.
    • The surface material is not easy to clean.

This is a large platform cat tree with a simple design just for big cats. This cat tree features a large condo where big cats can sleep leisurely without feeling crowded. Above the condo, there is a large platform, and above the large platform there is a large perch (The cover is removable for easy cleaning.). All elements are designed with the large cat’s size in mind.

In terms of color selection for the cat tree, our designers also chose a stain-resistant color – gray. Each post is a scratching post wrapped with paper rope, allowing cats to release their instincts at any time.


  • List price: $299.99
  • Dimensions: 18.5*22.4*49.2in
  • Material: Cardboard, Paper rope, Particle board, Sisal fabric
  • Features: 1*large condo, 1*large platform, 6*scratching posts, 1*sisal fabric scratcher
  • Assembly required: Yes

Best for Small Spaces: Cat Tree with A Solid Wood Condo

Best Cat Tree - Tested & Reviewed - Solid Wood Cat Condo


    • Takes up minimal floor space.
    • Multiple wooden perches.
    • Features a wooden condo.
    • Solid wood frames are stronger.


    • Few interactive elements.
    • Not wooden posts.

Made entirely from solid pine, every aspect of this cat tree exudes quality and durability. From the perch to the apartment, your cat will revel in this beautiful piece of furniture.

This cat tree measures just 2.7 square feet. Cleverly designed to fit seamlessly into small apartments, cat owners living in the city have the best option.

In each perches and downside condo, we offer you a replacement lambswool cushion. Let cats enjoy a soft environment without forgetting the convenience of cleaning.


  • List price: $645.21
  • Dimensions: 19.7*19.7*59in
  • Material: Cardboard, Sisal rope, Pinewood
  • Features: 1*condo, 3*perches, 8*scratching posts
  • Assembly required: Yes

Things To Consider When Buying Cat Trees

Materials and Construction: For cat safety, the material and structure of the cat tree are very important. Cat trees are usually made of wood, but you have to know that wood can also be divided into solid wood and engineered wood. Regarding the structure of the cat tree, you need to pay attention to whether the structural design is reasonable. A reasonable structure will make the cat tree more stable.

Size and Weight Capacity: Cat trees of different sizes generally have different heights. When choosing the height of a cat tree, you can choose based on your cat’s habits. Some cats like to climb, well the high cat tree will be their favorite. For senior cats, short cat trees are best.

Features & Interactive Elements: Each cat tree comes with a variety of different features and interactive elements, such as large condos, perches, dangling toys, space capsules, scratching posts, tunnels, hammocks and more. Before buying, you need to know what features your cat likes. Also, when it comes to materials for scratching posts, some cats prefer sisal, while others prefer carpet. It’s important to provide your cat with a variety of textures to choose from.

Why Choose Purrfectum?

You get what you pay for: They have cat trees at a variety of prices for you to choose from. Please choose according to your budget. The cat tree you buy is definitely worth the money you paid.

Swift customer service response: They have an excellent after-sales service team. Perfect protection for your purchase. If there are quality problems with the product, you can contact their customer service.

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