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How to bathe a Sphynx kitten

How to bathe a Sphynx kitten

How to bathe a Sphynx kitten

Cats are excellent pets who love to be clean. They often use their tongues to clean their hair. But because hairless cats have no hair, the cleaning of hairless cats requires our special care. Their skin is hypoallergenic. And very easy to leave a lot of dirt and sweat stains.
Many friends ask questions about how to bathe a Sphynx kitten. We will explore it here.

Why do Sphynx cats need baths?

Cats that look like they don’t have fur are easier to comb because they don’t have hair. Although they don’t lose hair everywhere, they still get dirty and smelly. Cats without hair are very different from cats without maintenance. Be prepared for all kinds of maintenance work to keep your hair clean and tidy. Their daily bath should include a weekly bath plan to remove oily residues from their skin. If you let go, the oil secreted by cat skin will become very dirty. The grease secreted by cat skin will get on your furniture, clothes, and anything else in contact with it. You also need to trim their nails and clean their ears. So Sphynx needs regular bath cleaning. Otherwise, it will be easy to breed bacteria and get sick.

How to bathe a hairless cat?

Compared with ordinary cats, the steps are similar. But there are some attention points. We divide the Sphynx cat cleaning into 3 parts:

Section 1: Sphynx cat ear cleaning

  • First of all, you have to catch your baby! Of course, not to scare him, but to relax him!
  • Take the ear cleaning liquid in one hand. Gently pinch the cat’s ear with the index finger and thumb of the other hand and turn it out (not to let you pull hard). Not only can you see the position of the ear canal but control the cat’s head.
  • See the position of the ear canal and get ready to start! Drop a few drops of ear cleaner into your ears.
  • Gently hold the cat’s head with the same hand, gently squeeze and massage the ear root with the other hand, and let the ear fluid mix with the ear canal.
  • Let go of the cat’s head and let him swing and swing. Throw out the excess ear fluid and earwax in your ears. Pay attention to the possibility of throwing earwax on your face. Take defensive measures!
  • Use a clean cotton ball to wipe the residual earwax and forehead lotion on the ear.
  • If one time is not enough, repeat steps 5 to 6 until most earwax will throw out of the ear canal. (do not stretch the cotton swab into the ear canal, so it is easier to push the earwax deep into deep. The cotton swab and cotton can only clean the outer ear canal)
  • If you suffer from ear mites, choose ear medicine (I use certain). After cleaning the ears, squeeze ear medicine into the ear canal for treatment. For specific treatment methods, consult the veterinarian!

Section 2: Sphynx cat eye cleaning

  • Prepare absorbent cotton balls (makeup remover cotton or small gauze, it is not recommended to stab the cat’s eyes with cotton swabs), normal saline (if there is only one cat at home, you can buy 15ml saline), and syringes.
  • Draw out the normal saline with a syringe and soak the cotton ball. Be careful not to be too wet and use it for standby.
  • Make a massage for your baby. Let him relax, and scratch in the process of cleaning.
  • Gently raise cat’s heads. Wipe along the edge of the eye from the corner to the end (remember to be gentle). If the secretion is very hard, wipe it back and forth with wet cotton before cleaning it. Never forcibly wipe or buckle the secretion with your fingers, which may easily cause inflammation of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes. Try not to touch the cat’s eyeball.
  • After making sure your eyes are clean, drop health eye drops or veterinary prescription eye medicines. Finally, wipe off the excess liquid with a dry cotton ball.

Tips: This method is also suitable for cat eye care with mild conjunctivitis.

Section 3: Sphynx cat hand, foot, and claw cleaning

First, when the water temperature adjusts to the appropriate temperature, put the cat’s claws in, and then wash the cat with shampoo or other bathing items. After, wipe the cat’s hands dry with a towel.

Second, wipe the cat’s claws with a towel wet with warm water after wringing it dry. The action should be gentle to avoid the cat’s anger and lack of cooperation after being hurt.

After the above cleaning, take a bath according to the following steps:

First, soak the hairless cat in the bathtub, hold it under its neck with one hand, scoop water with the other hand and gently rub and wash the cat. The order is from bottom to top, followed by the back belly. Don’t wet the cat’s head. He will be frightened. Let the cat get used to the water temperature a little, then rinse it with a cup of water. The whole process, make sure your hand or arm is close to it. That can make it more secure.

If you see the hairless cat staring at you with frightened eyes, kiss his forehead and comfort him. You can always talk to it, and your voice and taste can soothe it. Finally, wash the cat’s face slightly and clean it gently with your hands. Cats especially don’t like wet skin.

Then hold the hairless cat in the washed basin and ladle water for washing. Be sure to remove the residual bath liquid. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the skin of hairless cats.

What to do after the bath?

Finally, dry the hairless cats. Dry them well with a soft towel to make sure their skin is dry. Also you can put them on some sweaters. (Learn more at Do Sphynx need sweaters). And pay attention to the accumulation of water in the abdomen, limbs, tail, and other places.

Remind your cat that you love her. If your cat doesn’t like bathing, you can reward her after bathing. Let her slowly get used to the bath and fall in love with it.

Alternatives to bathing a hairless cat

If your cat hates water, you can use wet wipes as an alternative. There are wet wipes specially made for cats, and sensitive makeup remover wipes for humans. They can be cleaned well without touching them with water.

However, the best cleaning method is to clean with water. Try to get your cat accustomed to the water. Tell your cat from an early age that water is not the enemy. Starting from 2-3 months can make them fall in love with bathing with water.

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