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do sphynx cats need sweaters?Three Sphynx wear colorful sweaters

Do Sphynx cats need sweaters?

Does my cat need a sweater?

Putting aside Sphynx, let’s talk about cats first. There is a question that bothers lots of people. “Does my cat need a sweater?” Some people say YES, and some say NO. So, do cats need sweaters?

For this question, the answer we gave after the test is: cats don’t need to wear sweaters! The reason is actually very simple. Among the cats we can understand, most cats don’t like to be restrained.

After the cat is restrained by the sweater, its actions are greatly affected, which also causes the cat to make various uncomfortable movements.

In addition, cats will continue to tear their sweaters, and barbed cat tongues will swallow cotton into the stomach and cause digestive problems, not to mention some skin problems caused by cats due to such irritation.

Therefore, it is okay for cats to wear sweaters for a short period of time to sell cute, but wearing sweaters for a long time is not good for cats.

Then someone may ask “do cats need sweaters in winter?”. Cats are afraid of cold, but cats do not need to wear sweaters, because there are many ways to keep cats warm!

  1. Turn on the heating.
  2. Prepare a heating device for the cat.
  3. Buy a plush blanket for the cat.

If there must be cats wearing clothes, they should be Sphynx, Devon Rex, and other cats with short fur.

How to know your Sphynx need sweaters?---3 points to consider.

As we said previously, not every cat is the same. So are Sphynx cats. To solve your confusion, we have summarized 3 points to help you out!

1. Understand the climate where you live.

If you live in a place that has a very cold winter, such as Alaska or North Dakota. Your Sphynx will 90% like to lay at your clothes or blankets. However, if you live in Las Vegas or Texas, the temperature here is high. And your Sphynx may lay down on the ground and enjoy the sunshine. These just show that not all Sphynx are the same. Really depend on where you live and what temperature they are feeling at. So it’s essential to understand the climate where you live.

In a word, put Sphynx some sweaters on if you live in a cold place. If you are not, then don’t dress them up with warm sweaters.

2. The temperature of your house.

One thing a Sphynx cat owner needs to know is that the temperature of Sphynx is very near to ours. So your Sphynx feels cold when you feel cold. If you feel like getting some coats on, remember to get your Sphynx on, too. Also, Sphynx is a cat with a really good personality. And they like to hang out. To avoid that your Sphynx cat hanging in another cold place in your house, wearing a sweater is also a good choice. Just in case.

3. Your Sphynx’s own constitution and personality.

Some Sphynx don’t like to get dressed up. Some like. It all depends on the personality of your Sphynx. This is one hand. The other hand is important. Every Sphynx cat has a different constitution, just like humans. Pay attention to getting well known to your own Sphynx. Once you know their constitution well, you can take very good care of them. Just keep them away from catching a cold. It will be so much trouble when he/she is sick.

Signs your Sphynx is cold

It’s essential to know some signs when your Sphynx is cold. Get prepared to keep them warm!

They are trembling.  Cats don’t often tremble unless they are very cold. If your cat is trembling, hurry up to get them warm.

They are sleepier than normal.  Cats sleep a lot, but if their sleeping time is more than normal. They’re definitely something wrong. Need to take care.

They are searching for something hot.  This is an obvious sign to know that they are cold. Nothing to explain.

They seem don’t want to get off you.  Our body is warm, plus we wear clothes. When cats feel cold, they will find some hot thing and stay by its side.

Their skin is cold.  Cats are warm-blooded animals. Normally, their bodies will not be cold. Once you feel the skin is cold, then they are cold.

Top related sweaters for Sphynx

I am sure that you have a great understanding of “do hairless cats need sweaters?” There are some highly-rated sweaters perfect for any Sphynx cat.

Other ways to keep your Sphynx warm

As I said, some Sphynx cats just don’t like wearing sweaters. Then what can you do to keep them warm?

  1. Put them in your arms. Sphynx cats have great personalities. They love their owner and will be happy in your arms.
  2. Get them a warm blanket with fleece. They don’t want sweater on them, then you can let them lay in the blanket to keep warm.
  3. Sun exposure. Cats love to lay down under the sunshine. The sunshine can not only warm them, but also sunlight can sterilize their skin.
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