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Are Hairless Cats Hypoallergenic?

There are so many cats and dogs in the world who are allergic to them. When it comes to allergies, most people think they are allergic to cat or dog hair. However, it is wrong. Why? The reason is below. First, if you’re one of those and you’re thinking of getting a cat, you might wonder if hairless cats are hypoallergenic. The answer is that hairless cats are not completely hypoallergenic. Suffice it to say, hairless cats cause fewer allergic reactions than their furry counterparts.

Why do hairless cats cause allergies?

are hairless cats hypoallergenic

The main allergen in cats is a protein called Feld1. However, this protein is present in the cat’s saliva and the sebaceous glands of the skin. So, it’s usually not the cat hair itself that triggers an allergic reaction, but Feld1. People react to cat saliva, dander, and oils from the skin. We all know cats like to brush their fur with their tongues, and that’s when saliva spreads over their fur. The hair where the allergen is located can be shed in the home environment in daily life and then cause an allergic reaction.

No cat is 100% hypoallergenic.

are hairless cats hypoallergenic

Most people think that hairless cats have no hair, they are 100% hypoallergenic. However, this is not. Feld1 allergens are always present in cat saliva and dander. So when hairless cats lick their skin, allergens build upon their body surfaces, causing allergic reactions in humans.

What should you do if you are allergic to cats but you want another one?

Learn from this article that there are no truly hypoallergenic cats in this world. But there are actions you can take to reduce the spread of allergens.

1. Bathe your hairless cat regularly.

are hairless cats hypoallergenic

You can reduce allergens in hairless cats by bathing them regularly. It is recommended to bathe once a week or regularly wipe the body with cat wipes, which can help reduce the number of allergens on the surface of the hairless cat. Keep in mind, though, that this won’t eliminate them, but it can reduce them. Learn more about How to bathe a Sphynx kitten.

2. Regularly clean up items that the cat can reach.

Cats leave their scent in various places. Of course, this also leaves behind a lot of allergens. Regularly wash your cat’s bedding and any furniture in your home that the cat can touch.

3. Keep your cat out of the bedroom.

The bedroom is the most private place, as bedding and pillows, collect allergens. In this way, your allergic reaction will be more severe!

As you can see, there are things to stick to if you want to own a cat. However, don’t take the trouble, your cat will show you it’s all worth it!

In conclusion

There are no completely hypoallergenic cat breeds in this world, but Sphynx are the most hypoallergenic breeds. If you only have mild allergies, get a hairless cat. But make sure your cat needs regular bathing and pampering!

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