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Cute Teletubbies Sweaters

Available in both two-legged and four-legged designs, these sweaters cater to every Sphynx’s fashion needs.

Cute Teletubbies Sweaters for Sphynx Cats

clothes for cats

Welcome to YESWARMG, the Original Sphynx Cat Clothes Company. Our mission is to make shirts, sweaters, hoodies,  onesies, and special outfits for Sphynx to wear on any special occasion. Proud owners of Sphynx cats. If you have a Sphynx you know how this goes. We treat them like family. Over the years we have searched for clothes for cats to protect them and keep them cozy. Growing tired of throwing money away on dog clothes that not only did not fit but are dangerous if the cat were to get tangled in them.

Separate Design(cats in clothes)
Separate Design

The cat clothes in our shop are all designed by our excellent Sphynx fashion designer. Each piece is unique just like your Kitty!

Can be customized(cats in clothes)
Can be Customized

If you want to customize the pattern yourself, we can also satisfy you. Just send the picture and text to our mailbox. 

Combed Cotton​(cats in clothes)
Combed Cotton & Cotton and Linen

In a nutshell, combed cotton is softer than regular cotton. The cotton and linen materials of our cat outfits are also very high-quality.

New Arrivals

Check out The Collection of Clothes for Cats


Clothes for Cats

These cat clothes can be customized if you find that there is no size suitable for your cat. Order “Customized” and leave us a note about your Sphynx’s measurements.

How to measure

Clothes for Cats

Real talk from our real customers

These are the best Sphynx kitten clothes! So cute and sweet-looking. Lightweight and breathable! Our cat just went through medical treatment and these clothes for cats were perfect for keeping our cat from getting at injection spots. Not just for hairless! But we did go up a size because they are smaller due to them being made for hairless cats 😻 What are you waiting for? 

Laura Fitzgerald
cats in clothes
cats in clothes

Love Yeswarmg! This cat clothes store is perfect! The clothes are exactly as pictured. I followed the measurements and my cat is really on the cusp of two sizes. I ordered up to size large just to avoid the dreaded shirt paralysis that we cat owners are all too familiar with. These clothes for Sphynx fit Kevin well, with plenty of room in the body, but the arms and neck are still snug enough that he’s not just slipping out of the shirt leaving his clothes strewn about the house like a careless teenage boy. This is the longest I’ve been able to keep a shirt on my cat and it’s such an adorable Sphynx cat clothes to boot. I was a bit skeptical of the cost of this compared to some other Sphynx outfits shop online, but the fit and fact that he’s kept it on make me want to buy it in every print available.

Kevin Walsh

Sphynx cats are unique creatures that require a bit of extra care, and YESWARMG has just the solution with its amazing line of clothes for cats. As a cat owner, I’ve struggled to find clothing that fits my Sphynx’s unique body shape, but YESWARMG has nailed it with its perfectly tailored designs. The quality of the materials used is exceptional, and the attention to detail is evident in every stitch. My Sphynx looks and feels amazing in their clothes, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable clothing for your cat, YESWARMG is the way to go.

Risawa Atsutomu
reviews about YESWARMG

Brand Idea

Strive to explore the cultural connotation behind the Sphynx cat. YESWARMG focuses on Sphynx’s personal expression and style interpretation. We provide sophisticated and convenient dressing options for the pursuit of style. Our outfits for hairless cats are selected from high-quality raw materials. We are demanding quality and detail, presenting a rich and varied collection of fashionable Sphynx clothes. We attract with unique style and create with full enthusiasm!

Blog about Sphynx

What is a Sphynx?
yu, zoey

What is a Sphynx?

A Sphynx cat is a completely different cat than any other cat. They are cheerful, lively, and cute. They are curious about everything and will

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FAQs about Sphynx Cat Clothes

Before deciding to adopt a hairless cat, there are a few things you need to know.

Sphynx cat clothes are a must. Many Sphynx cat owners are reluctant to dress their cats, but that’s not right. Sphynx cats have no fur and are very prone to colds. These clothes keep them comfortable. Also have blankets or something they will love to lie on.

As we all know, hairless cats don’t have enough hair to keep them warm. There is only a shallow layer of fur on the skin of hairless cats. Therefore, pet owners should dress hairless cats in time when the weather becomes cold. Generally speaking, about three or four pieces of clothes can be prepared for hairless cats. After all, they should be replaced in time in winter. If they are in a home with heating, The heating should also be on.

  • Prepare clothes for the hairless cat
    First of all, if the pet owner prepares clothes for the hairless cat, he can buy several clothes for the hairless cat online and try to buy clothes that fit better. If the hairless cat is small, he can still buy clothes in a larger size. In fact, it is very necessary for the hairless cat to keep warm.
  • There is heating at home
    In cold winter, if the home is in the north, it should be opened in time if there is heating at home. It is more appropriate to keep the temperature at about 28 degrees, and the skin of hairless cats is easy to dry. Therefore, do not bathe hairless cats, pay attention to drinking more water, and prepare corresponding treatment measures for the skin of hairless cats. For example, you should apply some sunscreen to the hairless cat in summer and dress it in winter.
  • Prepare food for hairless cats
    Because the metabolism of hairless cats is relatively fast, compared with other cats, hairless cats are sweaty and their body temperature is 4 ℃ higher than that of ordinary cats, so they have to eat constantly to maintain their metabolism. Therefore, we should prepare food for the hairless cat, for example, we can prepare some dry food or wet food, and we should also prepare enough drinking water for it to drink when it wants to.

Sphynx cats need lotion very much in their daily life. Because their skin is often exposed in large areas, it is very prone to drying. If you want to buy lotion, please go to the veterinary hospital to buy it. Be sure to make sure the lotion is all natural and doesn’t contain chemicals.

Like people, cats’ skin produces oil. If not cleaned regularly, their skin can accumulate oil and dirt, which can lead to acne and blackheads. All to be cleaned regularly!

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