Cherry Cat Scratching Ball


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Size: 27*27*57.5cm/10.6*10.6*22.6inch
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Cherry Cat Scratching Ball
Cherry Cat Scratching Ball $64.99

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  • High-Quality Materials: The Cherry Cat Scratching Ball is constructed from high-quality PVC pipe wrapped in natural jute rope twine. This choice of materials ensures durability and longevity, making it an ideal investment for cat owners.
  • Effective Scratching Solution: This scratching ball is designed to be strong and durable, satisfying your cat’s natural instinct to scratch. Providing a designated scratching surface helps protect your furniture and walls from damage caused by your cat’s claws.
  • Cat’s Paradise: The Cherry Cat Scratching Ball offers more than just a scratching surface. It is designed to resemble a real tree, providing your cat with opportunities to scratch, climb, exercise, and jump.
  • Easy Assembly: Setting up this cherry scratching ball for cats is a breeze. It’s designed for simple assembly, allowing you to create a wonderful playground for your cat in no time.

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